tHerapy Faq's

Frequently asked questions

"What can I expect on my first appointment?"

During your first appointment we will begin by filling out a consultation form and discuss your injury(s) and symptoms. Often we may then continue onto a postural and muscular assesment. You will then be given the room to prepare yourself for the couch. Once you are ready, Jake will then enter the room and begin the treatment. At the end of the appointment Jake will then leave you with some prehab and rehab exercises relevant to you and your injuries and symptoms.

"Can I still attened my appointment if I have a cold or am unwell?"

If you are unwell and contagious then please rescheduale your appointment. Anyone who is showing symtoms of being unwell will be turned away. We take our health and hygeine very seriously.

"How long will it take to fix me?"

This depends on several factors e.g. your age, injury, how long you have carried the injury for, your posture, stress levels, lifestyle and how well you adhere to any rehabilitation work (if required). I have relieved many peoples pain and discomfort in one or two sessions, however some injuries require more investigation and treatment therefore can take longer to fix. Some symptoms and injuries may be out of our profession to "fix" however as Soft Tissue Therapists, we can always offer help, whether that be helping you manage your symptoms much better and restoring soft tissue health to help with alignment and function.

"Will a soft tissue treatment hurt?"

Soft tissue treatment are not all about pain. We really want to avoid pain at all costs. However, some adhesions and scar tissue can be awkward to remove and cause the client some pain and discomfort. Often you can also feel a little tender for a couple of days after a treatment. During the treatment, Jake will communicate with you and if you are experiencing too much pain then other methods can be used.

"How has your business changed due to Covid-19?"

We have made the necessary changes to our practice regarding covid-19. We are using all necesarry PPE and there are hand sanitising stations at the entrance and treatment room. We are also leaving 30-minute ventilation and deep clean gaps between each client. This also ensures that no clients are passing eachother when leaving and arriving.

"Where is your therapy room based?"

I have a fully functioning private therapy room at my home adress. My adress will be provided once bookings are confirmed.

"How often should i have a treatment?"

For those that are seeking help for an injury or troubled area, as many as it takes to get you back to full health. the number of treatments required completely depends on your injury, lifestyle and injury history. For those that are injury free and want to maintain good soft tissue health, performance and recovery, once every 4-6 weeks is recommended.