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what is online coaching and how does it work?

Online coaching in simple terms is personal training that is accessible through your mobile phone.  Perfect for those who want to reap the benefits of working with a fitness professional without having to commit to face-to-face sessions.

Online coaching works by being coached by Jake on a 1-1 basis, through his exclusive training app.  Jake will build and assign all of your workouts on the app, along with exercise video demonstrations, notes and a built in session tracker.  All of your nutrition can be logged on the app for Jake to see.  This is great for helping you stay accountable.  You can also link your Apple Watch or Fitbit to the app.  You will be required to check-in with Jake once per week to assess progress and make any changes to your plan.  However, you will also have access to a built in chat room with Jake to ask any questions that you may have.

Bespoke training plans

Training plans built just for you. based on your abilities, lifestyle and goals.  

Nutrition coaching

Bespoke macronutrient plans, nutrient timing advice and meal planning support.

Weekly check-ins

Receive weekly feedback from Jake.  This can include updates and adjustments to training, nutrition and lifestyle, as well as honest feedback.

Constant support

Jake is always just a message away from his clients.  Whether that be to ask any questions you may have , share your progress or if you're feeling down and de-motivated, Jake is more that happy to talk.

Fitness App


Price: £80 per month

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