therapy services

if you are unsure on what service you need then feel free to contact us to discuss your needs 


injury assessment & treatment

A 60-minute appointment targeted at a specific area or injury. Includes cupping and taping if required.


block of 3-£120



A 60-minute treatment designed to relax and reduce stress. utilising a combination of hands on massage and hot stones techniques.


block of 3-£120


muscle overview treatment

A 90-minute appointment focusing on releasing tension, restoring mobility and improving performance and recovery. includes hot stones, cupping and taping if required. perfect for athletes and those that exercise regularly.


dry cupping

myofascial release

A 30-minute treatment designed to improve your range of movement and reduce scar tissue & adhesions with the use of dry cupping.


inversion therapy

spinal decompression

A 15-minute appointment on the inversion table to decompress the spine and stretch surrounding muscles.


taping & strapping

sport & kinesiology taping

A 15-minute appointment for taping/strapping acute and post-acute injuries. Improves recovery and rehabilitation 


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