what others are saying about full motion fitness

here you will find a combination of training, online coaching and therapy testimonials from some of my clients. 

Aimee R

I would highly recommend Full Motion Fitness! Comfortable, clean, relaxing environment. Professional and very knowledgeable.

Jake explained everything clearly, going through why my shoulder was aching, explaining where he was going to massage and continually asking if that pressure was okay to ensure I felt comfortable. He finished the session by showing me some stretches and exercises to help prevent future problems.

I instantly felt amazing after! Thank you so much Jake!

Gareth j

I started working with Jake for a photoshoot I had. Working with Jake was brilliant, he took full interest in my case and circumstances. I had weekly check ins were he would evaluate my physique and make adjustments to my overall diet from macros to water intake. This became a vital part in my end physique so having this made it very stress free. Jake also allows clients 24 hour support where you can pop him a message about anything from your training, video technique support, diet and he replies as soon as he can. Having this constant line of support made working with Jake so easy. Jake also helped with some of the mental strain that the diet had taken since he’s been is the same position where’s he’s a natural bodybuilder. 


Jake and I made a workout plan together as we swapped and changed exercise for ones I prefer allowing me to fully enjoy my workout every time. During the end of the prep we introduced different food days from high and low carbs,. Jakes coaching continued right through from the first message to the end of my photoshoot were he attended. 


I would highly recommend being coached by Jake Lemon and you will not be disappointed with the result from him or your own. I got in the best shape of my life with Jake, you can too

Jonathon p

I’ve trained with Jake for over two years and cannot recommend him highly enough. Up until I started training with Jake I’d trained with a number of Personal Trainers over 20 years and had never managed to stay with one for more than a few months. I either left because they just weren’t very good or their egos outshone their actual ability to help you. Jake knows his stuff and adapts your training to suit not only your physical needs but also how you like to be trained - I hate the 1-2-3 etc etc - type of trainer who screams at you thinking that’ll make you work harder for example, so no shouting at me thank you - although I’m sure he’ll do that if you ask! Jake cares about his clients and for me that’s enough for me to want me to try harder. Crucial bit to know is that during my time with Jake I hit all of my personal objectives which is the whole point  of working with a PT.  Give Jake a go,  trust me you won’t regret it.

Isabelle b

“I moved to online training with Jake due to COVID-19 and I was apprehensive at first that I would not get as much out of it as I did with Personal Training however it was great. Jake created bespoke training sessions for me to carry out in my home with the equipment I had available and was always there to support me if I had any questions and even sent me videos of exercises so I could see how to do them correctly! The sessions were brilliant and I could see a huge difference in myself. Now we have been able to start PT sessions again I can see an even bigger improvement in my strength and shape. Jake has created a 6 week programme for me on his app which is amazing for me as I like to have something I can track and follow. Jake has been so supportive throughout our time training together, he is always there to answer any questions and training with him pushes you but is also fun and relaxed.”

Jack h

Jake gave me the knowledge and advice to transform my physique that is only gained through his years of experience. This knowledge is what you pay for and is invaluable - after years of mistakes my body composition has transformed. 

vicky l

Meeting and working with Jake has honestly been one of the most positive experiences of my life!

Jake has enabled me to build and gain the self belief needed to achieve goals I never thought were physically possible. I’ve gained confidence, energy, focus and a far more positive outlook to life!

Since working with Jake I have become the fittest, healthiest, and strongest I have ever been! At the age of 35 that’s not bad going! Being hyper-mobile I’ve always struggled with certain exercises but could never understand why; Jake is the first personal trainer I have met, who has helped me recognise and adapt my training program to achieve maximum results, without injury and help grow natural support for my joints.

Through Jake’s nutritional knowledge I have now gained a healthy relationship with food and realised that there really Is no such thing as “bad foods” this has been a massive game changer for me!

If you’re looking for a personal trainer who is approachable, professional, knowledgeable and that will get you real maintainable results I can’t recommend Jake highly enough!

Isabelle b

“I recently developed a muscle injury in my thigh due to football so I decided to book  a sports massage with Jake to see if he could help ease it. I was apprehensive at first as I had never had a sports massage before but Jake immediately put me at ease and explained what he would be doing and how it related to the injury I had suffered. He made sure that I was comfortable throughout and answered any questions I had. I was surprised at how much better my leg felt after just one session!”

Kate c

I first went to Jake after a period of illness and anaemia had left me weak with poor balance, little flexibility and no muscle tone. As a woman in her mid-fifties I also knew the vital importance of weight-bearing exercise to minimise the risk of bone fractures in the future and of gaining muscle to support my metabolism and reduce weight gain.  Most importantly, I was losing confidence in my body’s abilities and wanted to be physically strong and to recover my mental wellbeing. Although I had started going to the gym again on my own I knew I needed professional guidance to make the most efficient use of my time there; I have a demanding job with long hours and international travel and therefore little spare time to “waste”.


Jake clearly practises what he preaches and I asked him for help. His first question was “what is your goal?” The answer was that  I wanted to be strong because I knew that gaining strength would improve my energy levels, physical stamina, posture (I am sedentary for much of the working day) and my mobility for my leisure interests which include sailing, walking and looking after a garden and allotment.


I now train with Jake four times a week and have been working with him for nearly three years. There is no chance to get bored with any of the exercises because he directs each session, building in variety and challenge all the time. He is extremely knowledgeable and explains clearly what each exercise is designed to achieve and how to work the muscle properly.  He listens carefully and adapts sessions according to my needs for that day: for example, guiding stretches to release a tight back or stiff neck.


I prioritise my training with Jake because it is the best investment for my long-term health and fitness.  It is an essential part of my routine and I feel the benefits every day, whether it’s balance and agility while moving around a boat in stormy seas , flexibility for a long “weeding” session, or simply the strength to lift my own heavy bags above my head in the ‘plane.


He provides the motivation and expertise – all I have to do is turn up and work hard.

mark l

I’ve had a couple of personal trainers over the years but Jake is hands down the best Trainer i have ever had!


Jake's knowledge of training and nutrition, combined with his willingness to learn people's abilities has helped me find a way forward in achieving my goals. I’ve seen significant changes in my strength, physique and overall fitness, at 36 I’ve honestly never felt so healthy. 


Jake's friendly and approachable demeanour makes my PT sessions fun rather than a chore...

Adam b

Sports massage therapy has completely changed my health and well-being. After many, many appointments with a chiropractor I started to feel as though my back problems were never going to be resolved and it would simply become something I just had to live with. This was until I came across Jake at Full Motion Fitness, after the first appointment I already noticed such a difference. I started to wake up pain free in the mornings and the general feeling of aches and tightness dramatically reduced. Appointment two brought only more relief and an increase in my confidence that I could go about jobs I previously would of worried if my back would be able to bear it.


I cannot thank and recommend Jake or sports massage in general to anyone who maybe hesitating or unaware of the benefits it could bring. Thank you.