training Faq's

Frequently asked questions

"Where do your Personal Training sessions take place?"

All Personal training sessions take place at our Private training studio located in Andover, Hampshire. You can find out more about our training studio on our "Private training studio page"

"Do you offer diet plans"

As a trainer I do offer nutrional support to my clients. However I do not sell cookie cutter "meal plans". As a fitness professional I put my clients health first. Knowing that "diet plans" often do more harm than good. Especially when they are "prescribed" by trainers and not qualified dietitians. There are a number of different methods I use to help my clients eat towards their goals. The method iIchoose completely depends on what I believe is best for them.

"What type of people do you train?"

Over the years i have trained a wide variety of clients all with different goals, abilities and obstacles. from helping people gain full function of their bodies, improve mobility, gain strength and stability all the way to mind blowing body tranformations.

"How long do I have to sign up for?"

This completely depends on your goals, starting point and obstacles. Everyone progresses at different rates for numerous reasons. I encourage clients to accept these factors and be realistic. I am a trainer and not a magicician. It is my goal to get my clients to their goals as qucikly and efficiently as possible without sacrificing health. Health and Fitness is a way of life and not a race.