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Soft Tissue Therapy

Soft Tissue Therapy is a manual therapy that includes working on all the soft tissues of the body. These include all levels of muscle, tendons, ligaments, fascia or connective tissue. 


what's included in an appointment? 

During your appointment we use a wide range of assessment and treatment techniques to achieve maximal results, as well as leaving you with rehabilitation and corrective exercises.


•Postural assessment

•Muscular assessment 

•Joint assessment 

•Movement observation

•Lifestyle discussion


•Sports massage

•STR (Soft tissue release)

•MET (muscle energy techniques)

•PIR (post isometric relaxation)

•RI (reciprocal inhibition)

•Neuromuscular techniques  

•Myofascial release

•Hot stone massage ​


•Injury breakdown

•Corrective exercises 

•Activation exercises

•Strengthening exercises


•Posture correction

•Lifestyle adaptations


injury assessment and treatment

A 60-minute appointment targeted at a specific area or injury 



muscular overview treatment

A 90-minute appointment working on all areas of the body. perfect for athletes and those that exercise regularly. commonly booked every 4-6 weeks



relax and revive treatment

A 60-minute treatment designed to relax and reduce stress. utilising a combination of hands on massage and hot stones techniques


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Hours of operation 

Mon-Thu: 6AM to 9PM

Friday: 6AM to 5PM

Sat-Sun: CLOSED - Emergency appointments considered.

Out of hours appointments must be agreed on and an extra fee will be charged. 

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