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Our mission is to raise the standard of training facilities and expertise that is available in our industry. The fitness industry should serve and help people become a better version of themselves in all area's, however we don't feel as if this is happening across the industry. We aim to change this. At FMF we are fuelled by our passion for training and guided by our extensive knowledge. 


Practising what we preach

At FMF we practice what we preach to our clients and members. we believe in continued development and that the more you put in, the more you get out. that's why we are always re-investing into our facility and into our clients and members. we also don't settle for anything less than the best. 


Understanding the science


What makes us unique is our knowledge and passion for Training. We understand the science and provide the best platform for our clients and members to grow in. All of our equipment is hand picked and sourced from around the world. We have even had some equipment custom made for us.


More than just a gym

We aren't just a gym. We care about our members and their journeys. We are a growing community where people feel confident and inspired to step outside of their comfort zone and develop physically and mentally.  We regularly host members event's and fund raisers which is great for getting our members together and strengthening our community. 

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