Full Motion Fitness was founded to help others live a healthier lifestyle. From personal training, numerous soft tissue therapy methods, nutrition advice and online coaching, we really do have you covered. 


Jake lemon

Jake is an experienced personal trainer and soft tissue therapist with a keen interest in how our bodies function and respond to training and nutrition.  Jake founded Full Motion Fitness to help others become a better version of themselves through science backed training, nutrition and therapy.   

If you would like to learn more about Jake and Full Motion Fitness you can click the link below.

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“Jake gave me the knowledge and advice to transform my physique that is only gained through his years of experience. This knowledge is what you pay for and is invaluable - after years of mistakes my body composition has transformed. ”

Jack H

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Mon-Thu: 6AM to 9PM

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Out of hours appointments must be agreed on and an extra fee will be charged. 

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